Redneck Outdoors Sportsman Bale Blind


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Top Feature :
5 “Silent Slide Window Covers” 2 on front, 1 on back and each end; 4 Corner Windows Openings with Cover

Item Description:

Perfect for open range hunting! The ultimate in concealment! Whether you’re big game hunting, turkey hunting, scouting, or just want a dry, comfortable place to film nature, this Redneck Outdoors Sportsman Bale Blind is the one for you. It’s easy to set up, and animals will instantly adapt to it, thanks to the natural material cover. Plus, the natural cover helps contain human scent so that trophy buck won’t be spooked and will walk right in. 2-person capacity; Hand-sewn cover is made from woven polypropylene and is water resistant; Natural blanket is made from long-lasting natural fibers and helps contain odor; Sturdy metal frame for years of durable use; Large door opening for easy access; 5 “Silent Slide Window Covers” (2 on front, 1 on back and each end); 4 corner window openings with covers; Easy to assemble; Measures 64 x 72 x 70″ h., weighs 75 lbs.; Redneck Outdoors Sportsman Bale Blind

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