Let Ground Hunting Blinds Give You the Edge

“A new study from the Ohio State University Medical Center proves that tree stands, not guns, are Midwestern deer hunters’ most dangerous weapon.” Another alarming statistic states that 1/3 of all tree stand hunters will at some time fall from a stand. Tree stand accidents account for about 36% of all hunting accidents.

Let Ground Hunting Blinds Give You the Edge

It is safer, more comfortable, and a great way to introduce a young hunter to this great sport. Consider using a ground hunting blind. While safety harnesses greatly reduce the risk of injury, few hunters take the time to use them correctly or even use them at all. 
If most accidents occur while ascending or descending an elevated tree stand, why even take this risk? Why take the chance of falling asleep on that extended hunt while waiting patiently for that trophy animal to come by? Ground hunting blinds offer a terrific option. Not only is it obviously safer because the hunter remains on the ground, but if the hunter has to take a cat nap because of beginning the hunt before dawn, no worries if the hunter remains on the ground. 
What a great way to introduce a young hunter to this great hunting tradition. Ground hunting blinds cover up the restless fidgeting that a young hunter brings to this experience. They also cover up movements such as drawing a bow back or raising a firearm or a crossbow for the shot. Can you imagine climbing an elevated tree stand with a young first time hunter and keeping that young hunter quiet, still and safe? This situation presents a challenge that few older hunters want to attempt.

Not only are ground hunting blinds great for covering up movement, but they are also great for covering up scent. Scent control is so important while hunting many types of game. Scent control products of all kinds fill the shelves because it is so important for a successful hunt. What about
sitting in an enclosed ground hunting blind? This technique combined with scent control will increase the chances of landing that trophy animal. How often has wind direction shut down a hunt? With
ground hunting blinds, wind direction will not dictate the location of the hunt. The blind itself controls the scent.

Let Ground Hunting Blinds Give You the Edg

If a change in location is needed, the ground hunting blind is quick and easy to pack up and set up.
It literally sets up in a matter of minutes. The three main styles are hub-style, spring-steel style, and the chair blind style. All of these blinds are extremely lightweight and mobile. Not only are these blinds safe, mobile, and make the hunter virtually invisible, but these types of blinds are also very comfortable. The elements will not cut your hunt short or cancel your hunt all together. How often have you sat out there on the side of a tree in the driving rain or snowstorm? “If I can just last a
little longer, I know that big buck is going to come walking up!” Ground hunting blinds will keep you safe, dry, comfortable. A nice little propane heater can make you unstoppable. The weather will never defeat your hunt again.
It is evident that ground hunting blinds offer an excellent alternative to elevated tree stands and blinds. They are safer, more user-friendly, lightweight, mobile, more comfortable, waterproof, a terrific tool for scent control, and provide protection from inclement weather conditions. Many
trophy animals have been harvested from these types of blinds. Make your hunting experience more enjoyable. Let ground hunting blinds give you the edge.
(The quotation in the introductory paragraph is from bowhunting blogs- website )

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