GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package


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Top Feature :
Ultimate Package includes 1 – GhostBlind Predator

Item Description:

Save money with the Ultimate GhostBlind Predator Package. Predator Blind – Lightweight portable mirror ground blind for hunters who like to sit on a chair or stool • Blind only weighs 12 lbs and great for use with gun, compound bow, cross bow or traditional bow • Constructed with water proof, chemical resistant, unbreakable plastic • Shoot gun or bow in seated position through shooting ports • Design Eliminates Any Unwanted Sun Reflections & Animal Movement. Predator Carry Pack – Total Gear Carry System Custom fit to carry and protect your Ghost Blind Predator • Zip up bag with adjustable shoulder harnesses • Durable, water-resistant and padded fabric with the Woodland Camo Pattern • Attach your existing back pack, chair and all your gear to back of bag • Keeps your hands free to hunt in and out of the woods. • Add 7″ more coverage with Extenders • Gives better coverage for wildlife photographers or cameraman • Gives more coverage if your tall or hunting up a grade • Works great for hunters in a wheelchair

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