Barronett Blinds BM02BW Big Mike XT Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind, Bloodtrail


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84″ tall at the center for taller hunters or longer bows

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The Big Mike XT builds on the success of the critically-acclaimed Big Mike hub blind by Barronett Blinds. We’ve increased the height to a full 7’ allowing more headroom for taller hunters and archery hunts. The Big Mike XT is also wider, making room for more hunters or gear. Setting up the Big Mike XT remains just as easy with its simple, yet durable five-hub design. Simply pop open the roof and each side and you’re ready to hunt. The Big Mike XT stays hidden thanks to the BLOODTRAIL Backwoods camo pattern. Sewn in brush holders allow additional customized concealment. The 12 tall, zippered windows and interior shoot-through camo mesh can be easily adjusted from inside the blind.

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