Ameristep 4-Spur Blind Realtree-Realtree Xtra Green


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Top Feature :
Offers concealment and freedom for hunters

Item Description:

The Ameristep 4-Pole 3D Leafy Spur Blind is a blind created to allow a hunter a wide array of options in the woods. It allows the hunter to move to new locations wherever the game may travel, while the four stakes and tie-downs keep it securely in place. Place the Ameristep Hunting Blind at the edge of a wooded area or in front of a fallen tree for extra concealment. Sit with confidence as the Ameristep Ground Blind blends into most any terrain. The blind is ideal for hunters who appreciate concealment and freedom of movement. It is tall enough, so you can hide while sitting upright in one of Ameristep’s camouflage benches, chairs and stools

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