All About Axis Deer Antlers

All About Axis Deer Antlers

Mule-Deer-MeadowIf you are wondering about hunting the breed of axis deer, you can take a look over numerous ranches placed throughout the state of Texas. Axis deer, known for their large horns, fall under the most favorable hunting category for hunters. Axis deer form the top class breed amongst the other type of deer breeds, thus providing the best meat among all wild breed deer.

About axis deer: Hunters find the bodies of these axis deer quite appealing and striking. The body spots of these axis deer find a resemblance and blends finely with its natural environments featured by thickly layered forest and scrub brushes. Hunting an axis deer is a challenging and thrilling task, which tempts the hunters to pursue it at any moment of the year. On an average, the length of antlers on these deer ranges from two to two and a half feet, if measured lengthwise. Hunters find it very eye-catching and feel like having one of such breed in their hunting adventure. Sometimes, a hunter who strikes on such trophy quality deer appears delightful and pleasantly surprised on finding the antlers size of three feet.

Axis deer are known as natural fighters and have left behind the category of Bengal tigers in their native land of Sri Lanka only. This quality of axis deer excites the people to carry out hunting of these special kinds of deer on regular basis. Axis deer shed their antlers on regular intervals, thus they’re left out antlers pave the way for their hunters’ quest by prompting and inciting them. There are no proper schedules or fixed measures with which hunters can determine the deer’s antler transformation.

Don’t get demoralized: You will notice that axis deer always stay in herds and very rarely move in single. It may be quite frightening for some and demoralizing for some. Guys, if you really wish to catch your prey make sure you are skillful in various techniques of hunting but at the same time; work in a very humane way. Axis deer is a very smart social animal that knows very well about the way of building the best alarm systems around themselves so that it can help him in times of danger. They bellow and bawl in order to warn its fellow deer about the danger.

Hunters need to take proper steps in order to have an axis deer in their side; otherwise all the efforts for hunting this sturdy and brawny minded deer will be in vain. The absolute and sheer size of axis deer makes them quite appealing among hunters hunting list. Thus, to conclude, we can say that if these simple minor things are kept in mind then efforts made in respect of hunting an axis deer will surely get you fruitful results.

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